Unleash the Personal Development Through Public Speaking - The Journey of a Down-to-Earth Public Speaking Coach, Andrea Devaux


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Featured Coach

Name: Andrea Devaux

Coaching expertise: Public Speaking Coach

Website: No Such Thing as off the Record

"It’s very important to not only follow your passion, and take inventory of what your skills are when you’re deciding to become a coach, what kind of coach do you want to become. It is also very important to develop Emotional Intelligence through personal growth work."

- Andrea Devaux

Andrea Devaux has led media training and image consulting workshops throughout the United States for almost two decades. Her background is a combination of media advocacy, theater directing, and film production.

With her directing skills and understanding of “the package,” she brings a unique approach to the experience of representing yourself and your organization.

And she is here today to share with us her story.

The Coach Profit Plan Thought Leadership Series

Co-hosts: Jay Sen and David Evans

Our mission at the Coach Profit Plan is to talk to successful coaches all around the world and help all of the new coaches or people who want to

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Part 1 - Life Before Becoming A Coaching [0:53]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into what Andrea was doing before she became a successful public speaking coach.

Q - How did you become a coach?

A - You know, I feel like most of my life has been doing what I love and then sort of settling into what ends up resonating, right? And so, speaking and doing public speaking were always something that came naturally to me actually. And I think it’s because I grew up with a mother who was very outgoing and striking up conversations with people. Therefore, I got to see that in action when I was a kid…..Watch the video above for more information. 

Part 2 - Andrea's Coaching Program [4:10]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into how Andrea has identified her ideal target market.

Q - Who are your ideal clients?

A - If you have to be in front of an audience. These days, that usually looks like this, right? But, in usual times, people have to give a talk at a convention or go on camera. Those are the folks that I want to help. And the fact is that most people have to do some kind of public speaking during their life and have to even present themselves or put their best foot forward when they’re going for a job interview…..Watch the video above for more information.

Q - What's best for the people being coached?

A - One of my clients right now is an acupuncturist and she is now having to take some of her therapy on zoom. I guess she's doing like zoom calls for maybe prescribing herbs or I don’t know all the details but she had like we went into her room like all on zoom…..Watch the video above for more information.

Q - What rules do you use to address their problems?

A - We have to go to the message. What are you saying? How do you want to say it? What is the most important thing that you need people to remember about you? So all of these are aspects that I work on…..Watch the video above for more information.

Part 3 - Tips for Your Coaching Success [8:11]

In this segment, you will learn the most important things that this coach did to move into Financial Abundance while serving others.

Q - What are your tips for beginner coaches?

A - As I mentioned earlier that it’s really important to not only follow your passion, take an inventory on what your skills are when you’re deciding to become a coach or deciding what kind of coach you want to become. Another thing that is often missed is having some kind of emotional intelligence…..Watch the video above for more information.

Watch the full interview above to get more details about Andrea's coaching experience and get her full tips to build a successful coaching business.

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