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Name: Joe Colavito

Coaching expertise: Sales Coach 

Website: CoreVu - Insights to Optimize Sales Outcomes

"Regardless of talent, experience, product or industry expertise, quality of marketing leads, monitoring KPI’s your people will not sell to their full potential until these energy leaks are fixed."

- Joe Colavito

Joe is a sales expert who has 33 years of progressive leadership experience to become a high-performance sales coach, inspiring facilitator and recruiter. He has personally coached more than1500 salespeople, delivered training workshops for more than14,000 participants, and interviewed more than 5,000 candidates in my career.

Now he is here on our show to share his coaching experience.

The Coach Profit Plan Thought Leadership Series

Co-hosts: Jay Sen and David Evans

Our mission at the Coach Profit Plan is to talk to successful coaches all around the world and help all of the new coaches or people who want to

1) become a coach

2) be inspired by their successful coaching stories

3) get tips for building a strong coaching business

Part 1 - Life Before Becoming A Coaching [0:06]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into what Joe was doing before he became a successful sales coach.

Q - How did you become a coach?

A - I'd like to be able to say that it was the plan all along but I came out of Penn State as an accounting major work for one of the big six back then. It's big for now. Deloitte got some solid business acumen behind me try to Fortune 500 and Coca-Cola came back and did a bunch of campuses recruiting for Deloitte. And the truth is I was trying to find myself like who am I and why am I here and what is the value I bring to the world..... Watch the video above for more information.


Part 2 - Sabrina's Coaching Program [2:53]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into how Joe has identified his ideal target market.

Q - Who are your ideal clients?

A - My clients would be the leader of a 50-person team or the chief executive officer (CEO) of a 50-person team. They want to influence, they want to draw the best out of the individuals. I actually coach their leader and teach them how to coach their people... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - What's best for the people being coached?

A - I started as a very selfish and commanding coach and  I made a shift to being a better one... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - What rules do you use to sell your services?

A - The order matters. And this is the statement that I want everyone to be thinking through. I cannot use my basic math to calculate higher paths... Watch the video above for more information.

Part 3 - Tips for Your Coaching Success [5:21]

In this segment, you will learn the most important things that this coach did to move into Financial Abundance while serving others.

Q - What are your tips for beginner coaches?

A - You will not want to discount. You will want to figure out what your value is. And the way you do that is you go to talk to people about the problems they have... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - How to get maximum impact?

A - There are four questions that you will need to ask: 1) What do I do best? 2) What do I do to make my heart jump the most? 3) What greatly disturb me? 4) What do I do to get great impact on others? And if you can find the epicentre of those questions, that would be the space you should be coaching... Watch the video above for more information.

Watch the full interview above to get more details about Joe's coaching experience and get his full tips to build a successful coaching business.

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