Sondra Kornblatt: Healthy Sleep and Successful Coaching Brand


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Name: Sondra Kornblatt

Coaching expertise: Sleep Coach

Her website: Restful Insomnia

"I’m a passionate and creative workaholic. Or, perhaps I should say a relentless perfectionist. But I learned a lot throughout my life. My formula is very straightforward: every day I work on my future while I diligently learn from the past and I enjoy every single minute of the present. Life is a journey and it’s not about making it perfect."

- Sleep Coach

Sondra is a Holistic Life Coach, Brain Wellness Coach for busy professionals. She's also a thoughtful expert in Life-Work Balance formula.

She blends well-being principles with neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness techniques, and biohacking to implement effective behaviour changes. She also incredibly leads the popular Life-Work Mastermind twice a year for driven professionals who want to take their lives to higher levels by improving well-being and productivity.

And she is here today to share with us her amazing story.

The Coach Profit Plan Thought Leadership Series

Co-hosts: Jay Sen and David Evans

Our mission at the Coach Profit Plan is to talk to successful coaches all around the world and help all of the new coaches or people who want to

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3) get tips for building a strong coaching business

Part 1 - Life Before Becoming A Coaching [0:36]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into what Sondra was doing before she became a coach.

Q - Tell us about the moment you became a coach.

A - You know, I think mine sort of came a little backwards. I threw my struggles with insomnia. I discovered a new way to deal with sleep and rest. And I was clear that I knew that piece of it. But I wanted to be able to connect with people on a broader basis. So that was sort of my aha moment.... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - Why personal broad coach?

A - It's an interesting thing because there's a lot that's underneath sleep issues, you know, insomnia or not being able to sleep well or, you know, not even be able to go to bed because your mind is racing too much. And so the sleep issue is one part of it..... Watch the video above for more information.

Part 2 - Sabrina's Coaching Program [4:01]

In this segment, you will gain an insight into how Sondra has identified her ideal target market.

Q - Who is your custom avatar?

A - I help people who are struggling with sleep issues and stress and also shame. Get the rest they need and heal what's underneath. So it's really about a perspective on life and a heart avatar rather than necessarily the age range or the gender.... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - What are the advantages of your program?

A - I was curious about being a sleep coach, so a couple years ago I became.. And it was really useful, you know, talking about sleep hygiene and tools that can help and dreams. And it was a very useful piece. But my perspective always has been pretty different than that. And I really feel like sleep is not just a thing that, you know, we can sort of getting somewhere and then we'll be fine.... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - How does stress affect sleep?

A - Stress is useful, it keeps us alive and moving and growing. But when there's too much and we don't have a balance, it becomes all of who we are..... Watch the video above for more information.

Part 3 - Tips for Your Coaching Success [8:48]

In this segment, you will learn the most important things that this coach did to move into Financial Abundance while serving others.

Q - What are your tips for beginner coaches?

A - One of the things that have made a difference for me in terms of even deciding what I am and what I do is really and I encourage people who are looking at this is to look at what you want to give, not just the type of person in terms of demographics, but how you can serve people... Watch the video above for more information.

 Watch the full interview above to get more details about Sabrina's coaching experience and get her full tips to build a successful coaching business.

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