How Performance Coach Stephanie Kwong Helps High Performers Break Through Barriers


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Featured Coach

Name: Stephanie Kwong

Coaching expertise: High-Performance Coach

"I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the science and philosophy of what motivates people, their habits and behavior, and what creates deep inner peace and happiness, and the most extraordinary shifts in their lives."

- Stephanie Kwong

Stephanie Kwong is High-Performance Coach, Hypnotherapist and Host of the Rise Higher Podcast.

She is the secret weapon for the driven and ambitious who want to live at their highest potential. Whether it’s getting to the next level in your business or career, transforming your relationships, or experiencing greater feelings of confidence, peace or fulfillment in your life, she can help you get there.

And she is here today to share with us her story. 

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This Interview: How Did Stephanie Help Her Clients?

Let's hear Stephanie share her coaching client avatar and her approach to deliver her coaching services.

Q - Who are your ideal clients?

A - I work with extraordinary high-level people, i.e high performers, high achievers, CEOs, etc... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - Can you tell us more about your coaching approach?

A - I support high achievers to help them remove their mental and emotional roadblocks and achieve their next level... Watch the video above for more information.

Q - Can you clarify what you mean by helping people identify and remove their block at a subconscious level?

A - I mean a lot of times, people feel stuck. And I came in and identify where they get stuck and what is holding them back... Watch the video above for more information.

Watch the video above for full insights into Stephanie's coaching clients and how she helped them achieve a higher level in their performance.


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