Unleash the Personal Development Through Public Speaking - The Journey of a Down-to-Earth Public Speaking Coach, Andrea Devaux


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Featured Coach

Name: Andrea Devaux

Coaching expertise: Public Speaking Coach

Website: No Such Thing as off the Record

"It’s very important to not only follow your passion, and take inventory of what your skills are when you’re deciding to become a coach, what kind of coach do you want to become. It is also very important to develop Emotional Intelligence through personal growth work."

- Andrea Devaux

Andrea Devaux has led media training and image consulting workshops throughout the United States for almost two decades. Her background is a combination of media advocacy, theater directing, and film production.

With her directing skills and understanding of “the package,” she brings a unique approach to the experience of representing yourself and your organization.

And she is here today to share with us her story.

The Coach Profit Plan Thought Leadership Series

Co-hosts: Jay Sen and David Evans

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