Liz Wolfe: Get To Know Being A Motivational Coach


Featured Coach

Name: Liz Wolfe

Coaching expertise: Business Coach

Website: Liz Wolfe Coaching

"It’s all about us: how much we know, how hard we work, and who we are now. The problem is that you will never know enough people, never have good enough time management, and never be credentialed enough to instill the confidence in yourself.”

- Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic motivational speaker, coach, and trainer. For more than 20 years she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.”

She now coaches entrepreneurs to overcome their self-doubts so they can sell with confidence and create an abundant business.

And she is here today to share with us her story.

The Coach Profit Plan Thought Leadership Series

Co-hosts: Jay Sen and David Evans

Our mission at the Coach Profit Plan is to talk to successful coaches all around the world and help all of the new coaches or people who...

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