Sondra Kornblatt: Healthy Sleep and Successful Coaching Brand


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Name: Sondra Kornblatt

Coaching expertise: Sleep Coach

Her website: Restful Insomnia

"I’m a passionate and creative workaholic. Or, perhaps I should say a relentless perfectionist. But I learned a lot throughout my life. My formula is very straightforward: every day I work on my future while I diligently learn from the past and I enjoy every single minute of the present. Life is a journey and it’s not about making it perfect."

- Sleep Coach

Sondra is a Holistic Life Coach, Brain Wellness Coach for busy professionals. She's also a thoughtful expert in Life-Work Balance formula.

She blends well-being principles with neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness techniques, and biohacking to implement effective behaviour changes. She also incredibly leads the popular Life-Work Mastermind twice a year for driven professionals who want to take their lives to higher levels by improving well-being and...

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